Treat ADD and ADHD the healthy way, not with drugs, but with nutrition, exercise and a healthy lifestyle

Who's Being Diagnosed?

We have to ask ourselves why. Why is it that the majority of kids with ADD/ADHD are boys? I personally believe the answer has more than one explanation. It is a fact, no matter how hard mainstream thought tries to tell us differently, that boys are different from girls, they have different chemicals running through their bodies. Testosterone is much different from estrogen and with different chemicals we can safely assume that these chemicals cause different thought patterns. I have taught children for years and I notice that one, boys are a little more wild, a little more fidgety kind of like jumping beans on coffee. Little boys like to smash and crash stuff, while little girls like to play a little more gentle. There are always exceptions to the rule, but on the whole, the above statement rings true.

So, that is the who. Now click on the why to find out the insidious reason they are poisoning our kids.