Treat ADD and ADHD the healthy way, not with drugs, but with nutrition, exercise and a healthy lifestyle

Personal Experiences

I have had many kids in my classes come off drugs and live a happy healthy life. I will not state any real names due to privacy issues, and some of these kids are currect students. My first experience was in 1991 in Arizona where I was teaching Kenpo 84 hours a week. I started to teach a little boy named Joey. His mother began requesting me as her sons instructor (there we many instructors at that school.) After a couple months she confided in me that starting the Martial Arts was her last hope and she feared that the medication she was giving her son would do irreversible harm. With a good amount of research and Sensei's permission, I had Joey keep a food log and found he was eating garbage. We switched his diet, he increased his time at the dojo, we added a little more cardio and had him cut way down on the TV. His mom had no problem throwing away the medication, she hated it anyway. Within two months he was back to his old self, his mother was very thankful, and Joey led a normal healthy life without meds. There have been four other students in the past year that have started at my school on medication and within a few months were able to discontinue them without any regression. Your child can too.

Please do not stop any medication without consulting with your childs physician.

Take care and God bless.